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How I Change My Ugly Garage Using L’ampoule LED GU10

gu10 ledMy house is located in quite wide land, and my garage is separated from the house. This could be an interesting floor plan if I just knew how to use it. This garage has the old wooden look. I have nice car inside that garage but whatever I said, it was an ugly garage. I decided to renovate the entire parts of the garage to add the value of my house.

I hired experienced people to rebuild and repaint the garage but keeping the original look and design. When the project was over, it still looked ugly. I wondered what could be the problem. Then, I knew that it was the ugly lighting that gave spooky look on the garage. I headed to nearest store and bought several GU10 LED lights and replaced the entire lights there.

In just an instant, the garage looks different. Later, I can see that I already renovated the garage and gave it new paint colors as well. I can also see how wonderful that I keep the original look and design for it. These lights can make something sorrow into something very sophisticated yet original and nice. I love the garage now just as I love the car I park inside.

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