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The Best Reading Lamp: Ampoule LED 3W

ampoule led 3wI once told that LED will serve us the best for any purposes. We only need to adjust the need to the size. As a note, 7w LED light is brighter to other common lights on the same size. So we practically do not need a lot. I live in a dorm and I have my own table on my room. However, I do not find the room light is enough.

I like to read until midnight and I found that my room lamp is no longer enough to support me. When I got the chance, I visited a store and bought my own desk lamp. As for the light bulb, I use my ampoule led and very small one. Even though small, my desk lamp is more than enough to support me to read. I really like my desk lamp.

My desk lamp is well accepted in the dorm. Of course, it uses even smaller amount of power than common light bulb so I do not take any more supplied energy for the dorm. I think every student deserves the same light as I do. If I can manage to save more money, I am going to change my room light as well into LED.

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