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Projecteur LED 200 W, Fog, and Village Bazaar

projecteur led 200wOnce, several people came to me and offered me a project to organize a village bazaar. This festival becomes popular and really big for the last decade so they needed professional hands. Every preparation was alright and great, but I found the weather was not very encouraging. There were fogs and they got thicker on the D-day. Understanding the risk, I asked my team to get LED lights for extra precautions.

For outdoor event like this one, we prefer to use the bigger size of it. Instead of using the usual, we preferred projecteur LED 200w because of the fog. We make spaces between the light, making sure it is not too bright, but clear for everyone. People of the village loved the idea. We did too. The fog could not be a problem anymore.

However, the lights somehow also affected other aspects. The atmosphere, which was gloomy before, got better and more cheerful. Every stand and booth looks a lot fun and attractive. The bazaar looked totally different. We never planned that. But these lights delivered us bonus from the people. They would like us organizing the bazaar next year. How I love the LED lights even more now!

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