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9 Best Jewelry Designers

mikimoto pearl and diamond earrings necklace claspEven though we will find thousands of great jewellery designers out there, only very few of them are legendary. We are talking about value, price, as well as style of the design. Here are 9 best in the world.

#1. Mikimoto

If you are in favour for pearl jewellery, this is where you should get it. Mikimoto only uses the best quality pearls in the world in the masterpieces and no one can match the quality yet.

#2. Bulgari

This name is already a legend on the industry. The gold necklaces as well as bracelets are too great to be true. It comes with new collection almost each year, and those are as glamour as an art could be.chopard necklace collection

#3. Chopard

The designs are known to be extravagant and glamorous. Many people love the designs. It is shown from a hundred stores spread around the world, delivering one of the most wanted masterpieces.

#4. Piaget

The design is mostly known for one of the fanciest diamond watch lines in the world. However, their recent collection also brings out purple and pink sapphires besides diamond. Their other lines of jewellery are teasing as well.

#5. Tiffany & Co

This designer is already a famous name and it offers more than just luxury. It offers trend and popularity. To be honest, the design is too beautiful and unique to skip.graff emerald cut engagement ring

#6. Graff

This London jewellery designer only works with the rarest and top quality diamonds from over the world. Graff sells million of dollars value annually for the masterpieces. If you are wearing the collection, you are wearing highest luxury.graff emerald butterfly ring

#7. Van Cleef & Arpels

Since their first appearance on the industry, they offer only excellence. They offer more than luxurious masterpiece but also finest look after the most secretive and different setting techniques.

#8. Buccellati

It comes from Italia and it offers glamorous and luxurious masterpieces. Collections like platinum engraved and brushed gold with gemstones accent are their best art work. All are full of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.

#9. Harry Winston

Harry Winston introduces the pleasure of wearing an art and luxury in a way. Many royal families from generations wear the design. Many legendary celebs love the designs too. This is one of the best of the best in the world.

These best jewellery designers do not only fulfil you with the need for value, price, and style, but also quality, originality, and overall greatness of the glamour. Choosing your selection from them is always wise.

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