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Effective Remedies for Dark under Eye Circles

Dark under eye circles can come from numerous causes. One of the biggest causes is genetics – if your parent or grandparent has dark under eye circles, there is a good chance that you are susceptible to them too. However, the issue may be caused by age, dry skin, or a number of other problems that are making the pigment under the eyes appear dark and grey. This condition can be quite troublesome, because it can affect your self-esteem and confidence, which can in turn affect your quality of life. This is the main reason why you want to take matters into your own hands. Here are some effective remedies for dark under eye circles.

One of the most common methods to treat dark under eye circles is to take a holistic and natural approach. First and foremost, you may want to try putting cucumbers on your eyes – cucumber is not only soothing, it is also a natural astringent that can help make the skin around your eyes look lighter. You may also want to try getting enough sleep – there is definitely something to be said about getting your beauty rest. Moreover, you may want to try treating your summer allergies, which can also be a big source of dark under eye circles.

Another option is to think about someĀ cosmetic procedures. If you are going this route, you want to speak with a doctor, like Ronald J. Johnson, M.D., F.A.C.S, that specializes in these types of procedures. To remove dark under eye circles, the doctor may use laser methods, but if you have chronic or heredity puffiness, the doctor may recommend some surgical options. Most of the time, the surgeries used to treat this condition are relatively non-invasive and the recovery time is only a couple of weeks until you are completely healed.

Next, you may want to try some other options, like medications, creams and even facemasks. There are some facemasks filled with cold jelly that you can put over your eyes to take down the swelling and lessen the intensity of the dark rings. There are also medications that will reduce the pigmentation in the lower eyes. When it comes down to it, medication can be expensive, but it can be worth it. You will probably start to see results in about three to four months if you regularly keep up with a treatment regimen.

Lastly, dark under eye circles can be incredibly troubling. Much like yellowing teeth or other issues that people can clearly see when you first meet them, dark under eye circles can definitely have an affect on your confidence. This is why finding a solution is so important. You could go for a natural approach, but many people have seen incredibly promising results from cosmetic options – from surgery to creams and facemasks. In the end, dark under eye circles are often hereditary, which means they are hard to beat, so it is imperative that you remain diligent when treating the issue – eventually you’ll get a handle on the problem and you’ll see your confidence shoot through the roof.

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