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How to Find the Perfect Fit and Style of Jeans

The original “blue jeans” are an American staple dating back to the mid-1800s – when Ulysses S. Grant was president and the fifty-dollar bill featured Lady Liberty and could probably buy you more than a hundred pairs of jeans. Today, jeans are a global phenomenon – they are durable, they last and they get better with age. What can be better than that? Jeans, or dungarees, also have the unique distinction of having many different fits and styles, so it can be a challenge to find the ideal size. However, finally finding the perfect fitting jeans is a miraculous experience. Here is how to find the perfect and style of jeans.

First, you want to know what some of the major style categories are, because that will help you out when you are looking for the perfect size jeans. One of the most popular styles is boot cut, which are slightly flared at the bottom. Women’s boot cut jeans tend to be more flared, almost like bell-bottoms. Men’s boot cut jeans are less flared and boxier. Boot cut jeans were designed to conceal heavy work boots under the pant leg. Next, you have a traditional cut, which are relaxed – not too tight or loose. You also have a skinny jean, which are becoming quite popular amongst men that are looking for a tighter and more sartorial fit. You can visit Hollywood Blue Jeans to find a wide selection of skinny jeans.

Of course, finding the perfect style is all about your personal preference. When it comes to size, however, there are some considerations to make. Skinny jeans often look more flattering on people with narrower legs. Boot cut jeans often look better on people with a narrow waist, because the upper portion of the jean tends to be tighter. For all other body types, a relaxed fit will probably look the best – just measure your waist and then find the right size jean. For any pair of jean, you want to start with the waist size and go from there. If you aren’t sure about your waist size, simply put the waist of the jean around your neck – the right size will wrap all the way around perfectly.

Once you find a pair of jeans that fits and looks flattering, you can customize the fit even further. The interesting thing about jeans is that they start to custom form to the body that wears them. You can actually accelerate this process by wearing your jeans in the shower and then letting them dry on your body. This is the equivalent of taking your jeans to a tailor – as the jeans dry, you will start to feel them taking shape. Make sure, though, that it is warm outside before you do this trick, because the quicker your jeans dry, the better – also, you don’t want to get hypothermia.

In the end, finding the perfect pair of jeans is all about taking your time and finding a style that looks good and feels good. If a pair of jeans doesn’t feel good, you should probably keep searching. Who knows, you may put on a pair of jeans and immediately fall in love, but in most cases, it takes patience and a lot of jean shopping.

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