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Ladies Nightlife Fashion and Style Basics

There’s nothing like a night on the town to lift your spirits and remind you that you’re alive. And whether you work all day, you raise kids and run a household, or you manage to juggle both, chances are you could use a night out with the girls once in a while to blow off some steam, knock back a few drinks, and dance until dawn (or at least until last call). But generally speaking, you’re not going to hit the clubs and get your groove on wearing your buttoned-down office duds or the tired track suits that have become the go-to uniform of moms everywhere. If what you want is to partake of some saucy nightlife, you need to dress appropriately (or risk getting denied entry at clubs). So here are a few style and fashion basics for the ladies looking for a slice of the nightlife.

You’re going to face two major issues when it comes to dressing for nightclubs, and they could be at odds with one another. On the one hand, you want to be sexy and stylish. On the other, it’s important that you select comfortable clothing that is conducive to dancing. And it can be extremely difficult to strike a balance, especially when the prevalent mentality is that you must suffer for beauty. But you’re not the first women to wage this war, and there are definitely fashionable options that can help you to meet both goals.

You should probably start by checking to see if the nightclubs you plan to visit have a dress code. Often the dress codes are targeted at men, with sanctions against jeans and sneakers. Of course these apply to women, as well, so even if you think wearing your skinny jeans qualifies as sexy, you might want to check first to make sure it’s okay. As a general rule, most clubs request “stylish nightlife attire” for women, so a hot pair of high-end jeans may well fit the bill. But you don’t want to risk spending the night on the sidewalk because you chose to wear jeans.

For the most part, though, women tend to wear dresses or skirts and heels to nightclubs. The trick here is to go for a look that is sexy rather than slutty. And you can accomplish this by showing skin strategically. If you’re wearing a backless halter or a cleavage-baring bustier, maybe choose a longer skirt length, say to the knee. And if you’d rather show a lot of leg, cover up a bit more on top, perhaps with a top that features peekaboo lace panels. Keep in mind that bouncers are looking for ladies that will class up the joint and attract male patrons willing to spend more on drinks. So go for style and substance over sluttier options.

Don’t forget, you can also make a statement with your club clothes, and this is generally expected. Club wear gives you the opportunity to show off your personal style, and you can definitely have some fun here, whether you find ways to spice up your work attire for an evening out or you go gung-ho with glowing garments from iEDM. Finally, find yourself some comfortable shoes! You’re going to be on your feet most of the night when you go clubbing, whether you’re cueing up outside the club or working it on the dance floor. So comfortable, sturdy, secure, and of course, stylish pumps are a must.

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