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Should You Purchase a New or Vintage Dress for Prom?

There are two times in a woman’s life where she has to find the perfect dress: her prom and her wedding. And when it comes specifically to a young lady’s prom night, being that there are so many different kinds of dresses for her to choose from, it’s important that she knows the type of dress she wants before starting her search. Does she want one that is new? Or would she prefer a vintage gown?

While both options can end up with absolutely breathtaking results, if you’d like to know what’s great about a new prom dress and what’s also pretty awesome about having a vintage prom gown, here’s some information on both that can help you to make the best decision.

Benefits of Buying a New Prom Dress

It probably goes without saying that the best thing about buying a new prom dress is that it’s “new”. Yes, this means that one has ever worn it before. But that’s not the only perk. Another great thing about new prom dresses is the fact that because you probably saw it on a fashion-forward website that sells trendy gowns or in a display window in a department store or boutique, you can be rest assured that it’s the kind of dress that’s on-trend. So, if you’re the kind of girl who likes looking like you just walked off of the runway, you can’t go wrong with buying a new prom dress. Just keep in mind that if you want to get a dress at an affordable price, it’s best to go shopping for it during the off season like the fall and winter. The springtime is when you’re probably going to see prom dresses at their highest price.

Benefits of Buying a Vintage Prom Dress

That’s not to say that there aren’t some real benefits that come with getting a vintage prom dress as well. One of the best things about shopping vintage is that you’re able to find pieces that are truly one of a kind. So, unlike those who may go to a place like BCBG or Night Moves Prom by Allure to get their dress for prom and as a result, run the risk of running into someone who has on the same dress as they do, you can look like an individual. Another benefit of buying a vintage prom dress is that there are several places that you can look – ones that have awesome discounts like a local thrift store, consignment shop or antique mall. And still another advantage is that if you happen to be someone who likes dresses from a certain era, vintage store shopping makes that possible. You can find a gown that looks like Audrey Hepburn, Dorothy Dandridge or some other old Hollywood movie star and then add some of your own touches to modernize the look. As far as the shopping process for a vintage gown, don’t wait until the last minute. In order to find the perfect one, you need at least three months (especially since you may need to get alterations or minor repairs). But if you plan ahead, it’s the kind of truly unique dress that you and everyone looking at you will remember for years to come.

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