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How to Blend Hair Extensions in With Your Natural Hair

Anyone who has ever tried out a trendy pixie or bob knows how difficult it can be to grow out hair following a short cut. There’s just no escaping that awkward, in-between phase where it’s just impossible to do anything with your hair. No matter how great your cuts are in the interim, there will come a point where your hair is a bit too long to style easily and a bit too short to pull back. And it can seem like this stage lasts FOREVER! Some women even end up simply chopping their hair again due to sheer frustration and impatience. But there is an alternative: you can wear hair extensions until your hair reaches a manageable length. You just have to know how to properly blend your extension so that they work with your natural hair.

There are a couple of things to think about here. First, you need to select the appropriate color, and there are myriad hues to choose from. The easiest option is to pick a shade that is already so close to your natural color that it is virtually indistinguishable. But you may not be able to do this. You might also find extensions that can be dyed and then dye them the same color as your hair, but this could be hit or miss. What might be easier is to add some highlights and lowlights to your natural hair and then either select extensions with highlights or choose a couple of different colors of extensions to weave through your natural hair. This will help to camouflage the fact that some of the hair on your head isn’t your own.

Next you need to hide the point where the extensions attach. And accomplishing this depends largely on the length, texture, and volume of your own hair, as well as the type of hair extension you choose. If you happen to have particularly thick and heavy hair, you’re going to have a pretty easy time hiding any type of extensions, supposing you have at least a couple inches of length to work with. But fine or thin hair could present some problems, especially when it comes to adding full tracks. Individual hair extensions will be much easier to hide in most cases. But if you want a seamless application, your best bet is to see a professional stylist that is experienced in applying extensions of all types.

Finally, once you’ve selected the right color, ordered your extensions from Wigs Depot, and had them installed, there’s one last tactic to make hair extensions look natural. You need to get a haircut. The last thing you want is to look like your hairdresser took off in the middle of your cut, and this is exactly what will happen if you don’t layer up your extensions to fade in with your current hair length. Blending your hair extensions properly, both at the scalp (or other point of application) and the ends, as well as accounting for color, will create the illusion that your hair is longer than it actually is. And if you want to enjoy the look of naturally long hair until your real mop grows out, extensions are the way to go.

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