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5 Helpful Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners

If you’ve recently started taking photography classes and you’ve always had a love for all things fashion, why not set up your own fashion photography shoot? Sure, it might initially seem like a bit of a challenge, but pulling off a successful session is all about making the appropriate preparations.

Luckily, you happened to come across this article because it is going to share with you five things that you absolutely must do in order to get the kind of results that you want. So, if you’d like some failsafe fashion photography tips, please keep reading.

Do a lot of research beforehand. Something that some of the top fashion photographers will tell you is the key to having a great shoot is to do a lot of preparation before ever stepping onto the set. This includes pulling pictures from fashion shoots that you like in magazines and on websites, jotting down some tips on how to get the best lighting, and also reading up on your camera and the tricks that you can apply to get the kinds of pictures that you’re looking for. One website that has several photography techniques that you can try is Digital Camera World. Go to the site and put “77 techniques” in the search field.

Don’t pick predictable locations. Say that you were going to shoot someone in a floral dress. It’s not going to be very surprising if you decide to go with a park or flower garden as a location. The thing to keep in mind about fashion shoots is the less predictable you are, the better. A graffiti wall, an old warehouse, even a playground would be ideal locations when it comes to getting lots of dimension and contrast.

Bring along a stylist. When you’re in the process of taking pictures, you’re going to be way too busy to be fidgeting with hair and make-up. That’s why it’s always worth the investment to bring along a stylist. They can make sure that your model is looking picture-perfect at all times and can even offer suggestions on things that can be done to the model’s look to make the photos appear all the more stunning.

Shoot constantly. If you were to ask for a professional who works for a studio like Alyssa Albers Photography for some additional fashion photographer looks, something that they might mention is it’s important to shoot constantly. Not only will it keep your energy levels up, but sometimes it’s the unplanned shots that end up being the best ones.

Aim for fashion, not catalog looks. If you’ve ever looked at the pictures in a department store catalog and then looked at a high-fashion magazine, you’ve probably noticed that the photos look completely different. While catalog pictures tend to appear posed and a bit on the stiff side, fashion spreads are filled with creativity and outside-of-the-box imagery. When you’re looking to do a fashion photography shoot, don’t forget to be “less catalog” and more “W magazine.” Remembering this tip alone will help to make your photography shoot a true success!

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