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5 Helpful Style Tips for Curvy Women

There’s just no denying that shopping for women’s clothing can be frustrating. And if you happen to fall into the plus size category, you’ll find that the selection is even more limited. But don’t despair – online shopping has made it much easier for women that don’t have a lot of options locally to shop for the stylish and sophisticated clothing they need to create a truly stellar wardrobe. You will have to know a bit about your body so that you can order appropriate items. And you’ll want to make sure to order from sites that have favorable return policies (just in case items don’t fit quite right). But you can find the fashions you crave these days, even when you’re shopping for a curvy, feminine figure. Here are a few helpful style tips that will have you looking and feeling your best in no time.

  1. Banish extra bulk. Some full-figured women try to hide perceived problem areas under extra bulk, but this is a big mistake. When you add extra volume to your body with the clothing you wear, you’re only making yourself look bigger and probably emphasizing areas that you have issues with. So banish bulky pieces from your wardrobe and start looking for clothes that fit close to the body and flatter the curvy figure you have. Don’t forget, if you’re a bit uncomfortable with fitted clothing (because it’s a new concept for you), you can always add modern shapewear to increase your comfort and confidence while camouflaging any problem areas that make you self-conscious.
  2. Take measurements. Knowing your size is essential to buying properly-fitted garments. However, you may have noticed that sizing varies from brand to brand and even from garment to garment within the same brand. For this reason it is important to take proper measurements so that you can use size charts to order the correct size of clothing for your body. Just keep two things in mind. You should always fit for the largest part of your body (bust or hips, usually). And don’t get hung up on the number. Clothes that fit right are going to make you look your best, regardless of the number printed on the tag, whereas squeezing into a smaller size just for the number will only serve to make you look like you’re wearing clothing that is too small for you.
  3. Build on the basics. Every woman needs basic wardrobe staples like an LBD, a 3-piece suit (jacket, slacks, and skirt), some dark wash jeans, and a white dress shirt. From there you can add trendy pieces like blouses, cardigans, leggings, and so on to complete your look. But with the basics in place you have the foundation for a classic wardrobe. So go out of your way to find staples that fit and flatter, and spend a little extra for durable, timeless pieces that you’ll use for years to come.
  4. Show off your curves. Do you have any idea how many women wish they had a curvy, hourglass figure to show off? So why are you hiding yours? You have to love the skin you’re in, and highlighting your curves with the ensembles you put together is a great way to feel confident and beautiful every day.
  5. Consider alterations. You may find that the stylish clothing you purchase doesn’t fit quite right. If it fits perfectly in the bust, it might be too roomy around the midsection. Pants may have a gap at the back of the waistline. Or hems could be consistently too long. Of course, shopping at a plus-size store like Perfectly Priscilla Boutique will help you to get the styles and sizes you want. But if you’d like to make every outfit look like it was custom-made for you, find a good alterations place. For a few extra bucks, every garment you buy could fit like a glove.

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