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How to Find the Perfect Fit Shirt for Your Body

If you’re looking to buy a t-shirt, chances are you can figure out your size with little trouble. Most tees not only come in the standard S, M, and L sizes (and so on), but they’re also made of forgiving textiles that can stretch to fit. In short, you have limited options for sizing and you can probably fudge it if you’re not quite right. Fitted shirts are another story. They must fit perfectly if you want them to look right – otherwise you’ll end up with bunching, gaps, looseness, or other issues that will make you look like you raided someone else’s closet. But how do you find the perfect fit shirt for your body when off-the-rack items simply don’t seem to fit properly? There are a couple of ways to hedge your bets.

First of all, you need to know your size, which is to say, your measurements. Shirt sizes for women are not like those for men, where the measurements are written on the tag. And although fitted shirts for women have numbered sizes (rather than a small, medium, or large designation), making it a bit easier to find the size that’s right for your body, you still have to realize that all women’s bodies are different. So it’s not really that surprising that you’re having a hard time finding the right fit. If you take a dozen women that are all technically the same size and try to put them in the same shirt, you’ll find that it fits some in the shoulders, others in the bust, and others around the midsection. But each woman is sure to have her list of complaints about where the shirt doesn’t fit quite right.

In other words, knowing your measurements could help you to get even closer to the right size, whether you’re buying in-store or ordering online. And you’ll want to shop different brands to compare and contrast fits. Whereas some women may love fitted shirts made by Calvin Klein, others will find that the tops from the Gap, New York and Company, Anne Taylor, or J. Crew are a better fit. This is because different brands offer different sizing and fit options. So make sure to spend some time shopping around until you find the brand and the options that are right for your body.

Don’t forget, you can also get shirts altered to fit you perfectly. If, for example, you’re a large-busted woman, you’re likely to find that shirts that fit your bust are quite loose around the midsection, while those that fit your abdomen are too tight across the bust, causing gaps between buttons. This can all be fixed by simply buying the shirt that fits the largest part of you and then taking it to an alterations specialist to be nipped in as needed. For just a few extra bucks, every shirt you own can fit like it was custom made for you.

Of course, you won’t have to worry so much about this when you buy tees from a site like T-Shirt Champions. But when it comes to shirt sizing for fitted tops, you’ll find that a little more legwork is required to find the proper fit for your body. And taking the time to take your measurements, shop around, and visit an alterations specialist can definitely help to ensure that the tops you buy fit like a glove.

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