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Top Dos and Don’ts for Wearing Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry can make you feel beautiful, confident, and put-together. It can upgrade and add visual interest to an otherwise boring outfit, help you develop your sense of style, and become part of a signature look. Unfortunately, it can also make you look like you got dressed in the dark if you do it wrong. Here are just a few of the top dos and don’ts to observe if you want your statement jewelry to elevate every ensemble.

1. Size to your stature. It is possible to go too bold with statement pieces, or alternately, to select jewelry that loses impact because it doesn’t make enough of a statement. A good way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to choose pieces that match your stature. If you are petite, a large, chunky necklace can easily overwhelm your small frame. You don’t want your jewelry wearing you. If, on the other hand, you’re a plus-size woman, smaller pieces might not have the eye-catching effect you’re going for. So search for statement jewelry that works for your dimensions.

  1. Pick a focal point. Putting on a signature necklace, earrings, ring, and bracelets is overkill and it will make you look like a kid playing dress-up with Mom’s costume jewelry. Instead, pick one piece to act as a focal point for your outfit, and if you feel like you need a little more, use smaller pieces in a complimentary capacity.
  2. Have fun! If there’s one thing you don’t want statement jewelry to be, it’s dull. So pick out pieces that speak to you personally and that you feel exemplify your style and represent your personality.

1. Go overboard. It’s all too easy to overdo it with statement jewelry. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t experiment with mixing and matching pieces, but at the end of the day your look has to be cohesive if you want statement pieces to enhance your outfits rather than compete with your clothing and with your other jewelry.

  1. Steal someone else’s signature style. There are plenty of celebrities that use jewelry to create a signature look. Flava Flav is one extreme example with his oversized clock necklaces. On an entirely more fashion-conscious scale, Anna Wintour consistently pairs a statement necklace with her ensembles. But if you’re going to wear statement jewelry, you need to make it your own. So don’t choose jewelry because you love how it looks on someone else. Cultivate your own signature style with statement pieces that are uniquely you.
  2. Neglect to consider your statement. When you go jewelry shopping, there are bound to be plenty of bold, beautiful statement pieces that catch your eye. But you have to stop and think about what you want your jewelry to convey about you. Are you a strong, confident, determined individual? If so, you might prefer bold, bright colors or geometric designs. If you’re fun and free-spirited, organic shapes may be more appealing and appropriate. So peruse the goods on Intrepid Jewelry, find the pieces that represent your personal style, and make a statement.

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