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5 Helpful Tips for Dressing Slimmer

If you have a curvier body type and are constantly in search of clothing that makes you look slimmer, there are a lot of things you can do to show off your curves, without looking chubby. It’s just a matter of knowing how to dress for your body type. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of great trends that spread like wildfire, but they’re not all intended for those of us with voluptuous figures. Nevertheless, you don’t always have to jump on every trend, and there are plenty of amazing looks that are only flattering on a full figured woman. So don’t waste your time trying to squeeze into a pair of yoga pants or denim cutoffs, especially when there’s plenty of other ways that you can dress yourself, which are far more flattering to your figure and definitely more classy.

  1. Vertical stripes. One of the best ways to create a slimming effect with your clothing is by wearing vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes are just about the worst thing you can wear if you are trying to look thinner. They will only bring out the rolls that you are so desperately trying to hide. Vertical stripes on the other hand, create a wonderful optical illusion, and will bring out the goddess-like hourglass figure that you should be flaunting.
  2. Incorporate lots of black. Black is always a great color to wear when you are trying to be subtle about your size, especially if you are going out at night. If wearing all black seems kind of grim or dark for you, you can always wear black clothes with graphic prints or embroidery. You can have just about anything embroidered at Embroidery Authority for a look that is both slimming and fashionable.
  3. Keep things loose. One of the worst things you can do if you have a curvy body is to squeeze all of your curves with tight clothing. Unless it’s a corset, you’re just going to accentuate your curves and possibly even create rolls that wouldn’t otherwise be there. In general, you want your clothes to be tight in the places you would like to show off, and then wear loose, classy, flowing material over all of the places you prefer to hide.
  4. Highlight your assets. At the end of the day, you don’t want to hide yourself completely. You’re not an ogre after all. You want to find clothing that celebrates your womanly curves, and subtly hides everything else. It’s all about not being ashamed of your body, and that means wearing clothes that are tailored for your body type.
  5. Avoid underwear lines. One of the most essential ways to avoid looking chubby is to avoid having embarrassing underwear lines. Whether they be panties, bras, or sports bras, you don’t want those articles of clothing to squeeze you and create rolls. So be sure to avoid strappy items and go for things that have wide bands, which don’t have to squeeze so hard to stay on.

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