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5 Concealed Carry Clothing Tips for Women

The right to bear arms is afforded to every U.S. citizen (with few exceptions). In addition, your state of residence may allow for concealed weapons permits that let qualified citizens carry hidden firearms in public. If you have such a permit, chances are good that you’re keen to keep any firearms on your person hidden from view. After all, you don’t want to upset others, create a disturbance, or invite trouble by flashing a firearm in public. It can be difficult, though, to find ways to conceal firearms under modern women’s clothing. With a few tips and tricks up your sleeve (or under your waistband, as the case may be) you can find ways to maintain your sense of style even as you carry a concealed firearm.

  1. Vary your clothing. If you like to wear fitted clothing, carrying a concealed gun can be a bit of a challenge. No matter how tight you strap it down, there could still create a suspicious bulge, and you definitely don’t want to hinder access to your weapon in the process – that would defeat the purpose of carrying it. The simple solution is to look for looser garments that will accommodate your gun and holster. If you prefer to wear fitted tops, you could swap your skinny jeans out for boot-cut options that are roomy enough to conceal an ankle holster. Or if you can’t give up your skinnies, opt for looser tops or jackets to hide a shoulder, belly, or belt holster. Don’t forget, smaller guns will be easier to conceal, so try to strike a balance between size and stopping power.
  1. Consider compression garments. No, we’re not talking about Spanx. In case you didn’t know, there are compression garments made specifically to help you conceal weapons thanks to built-in pockets and straps that help to hold weapons flush to your physique. Not only will they make any garment you wear more flattering, but they’ll also help to conceal your gun in the process.
  1. Holster options. You might mistakenly believe that the bulky hip or shoulder holsters you’ve seen on cop dramas are your only options, but there are all kinds of holsters that might work for your weapon and your wardrobe. When it comes to belt/waistband holsters, for example, you don’t have to rely on models that are worn outside the waistband. Slim, in-waistband holsters can be slipped inside the waistband of your pants for better concealment. You can also try belly bands, ankle holsters, and other concealment options.
  1. Fabric and fit. Thin, jersey knits and draped fabrics are not your friends when it comes to concealing a firearm. Thicker textiles and items of clothing that have more structure will naturally lend themselves to concealing guns better than garments that are thin or snug.
  1. Suitable accessories. The best holster in the world might not be good enough to help you hide a gun under a fitted sheath dress. For occasions when concealing your firearm under clothing simply isn’t an option, you can keep it close with a purse designed specifically for concealed carry for women. They look just like your regular, stylish purses, only they are equipped with special pockets to house your concealed firearms.

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