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Carolina Herrera 212 Perfume

1307212893 nd.297 Carolina Herrera 212 PerfumeCarolina Herrera 212 Perfume – Present day society has acknowledged the gentleman’s have to express his style, including his selection of scent. Carolina Herrera 212 supplies a selection particularly suitable for males.

Carolina Herrera 212 Perfume

Carolina Herrera 212 for males is really a scent collection that suits gentlemen with diverse personality types. It may suit a variety of occasions, and may portray the preferred outlook a guy really wants to express. Below are great tips that will help you choose the best perfume for males:


For daytime office and overall daily use, an easy scent ought to be worn. 212 Carolina Herrera for males provides a musk and wood based scent that’s fused with floral aromas like the 212 for Males, 212 on Ice for Males and 212 Pop for Males that are great fragrances for daytime use.

Evening and special events, however, require a more powerful scent such as the 212 Very important personel for Males and 212 Sexy for males.

Personality Types

Adventurous and Sporty: These personality types love the outside. Fragrances that contains anise, sage, thyme, mint or any mixture of individuals will suit these personas best. 212 on Ice for males consists of mint with a soothing effect, particularly in damp weather.

Romantic: These gentlemen have passionate yet mysterious qualities. They have a tendency to gravitate toward Oriental, woodsy, and spicy fragrances. 212 Sexy for males along with the 212 Very important personel possess a great fusion of those scent notes to complement this kind of personality.

Conventional: The traditional guy favors safe fragrances. Woodsy notes be perfect for this kind of personality. The 212 for males has got the traditional mixture of sandalwood and musk undertones which makes it a vintage option for masculine fragrances.

Introvert: They like the subtle aroma of wood having a flower combination that 212 for males and 212 Splash can provide.

Sophisticated and Extrovert: For individuals who have a superior-finish lifestyle, the fougère scents with a mix of oak moss, geranium, bergamot and citrus notes are great choice. The 212 Very important personel and 212 Sexy for males fuses woodsy and fern-like notes with rum, passion fruit along with other floral aromas to produce a unique scent.

Body Chemicals

Each guy includes a different body composition that may be dry or oily. This factor can impact the way the scent will respond to your skin. A guy should test each scent personally to obtain a feeling of how his body will respond to it.

Carolina Herrera for males is available in Eau p Parfum and Eau p Toilette formulations, offering many varied fragrances to choose from. These pointers can help you choose which type of 212 scent would be the right one for the personality type – Carolina Herrera 212 Perfume.

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