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Oral Sex – What Do Indian Escorts Like?

Most of you guys like to know, how to give a woman oral sex. This question is always in the mind of guys and they never seem to get the answer right. Well, I am here to tell you that it is not at all difficult to give a woman oral sex. You just need some basic skills and techniques to help you in this regard.

The main aim of this article is to help guys, who are new to this act of lovemaking, understand the correct way to perform oral sex on females. I will also share with you some of the most amazing and sensual indian escorts oral sex techniques that will leave her begging for more in bed. Read on to discover what these lovemaking techniques are and how to make your woman feel like an absolute sex queen.

Some girls are naturally born with this desire and they rarely ever complain about it. On the contrary, most girls are shy and tend to shy away from doing anything to attract the opposite sex. However, there are some girls who can turn on a dime and would love nothing more than to go head to head with their lovers in bed. Hence, this is the girl that you should learn to perform oral sex on.

The first tip on indian escorts oral sex techniques that I would like to discuss with you is that you must be gentle during your foreplay. In other words, you must never go too fast or hard on her. Most women like to be touched gently while giving them oral stimulation. This is a very effective method, as this method ensures that she completely gets aroused even before you start the actual act. This therefore ensures that you touch every inch of her body and leave nothing untouched.

When it comes to oral stimulation, you should never go straight for her clitoris. There are several reasons for this. First, this particular spot is extremely sensitive and the pain that comes with touching it can make the ladies stop you from moving further. Secondly, this spot is situated way up above the vagina and hence, you would not be able to see her reactions. Thirdly, touching the clitoris directly may cause injury to her vagina. The best thing to do here is to gently run your fingers through her inner thighs and even the outer thighs.

Next, when doing oral on these ladies, you should learn the art of circling. Circling is one of the best oral on indian escorts techniques that you can use. This would ensure that your lover gets stimulated by each stroke that you give to her. Moreover, you would be able to please her more when you focus on oral sex rather than going crazy on the intercourse part.

Last but not the least; you should remember that you do not have to just go straight for her vagina when doing oral sex on an indian escorts. You could start stimulating her other erogenous zones first such as her nipples, lips and tongue. These are the parts that get a lot of stimulation when a man makes love to an indian escorts. With constant stimulation these areas would soon get accustomed to your ministrations and in due course, you too would become addicted to the act and find it very pleasurable.

All said and done, you should always make sure that you concentrate on your partner’s clitoris first. This would ensure that you enjoy the act the most and at the same time, you would be well aware of what exactly she wants. Do indian escorts really love oral sex? Well, only you know the answer to this question but what we have discussed above would guide you to find out the answer most of the times.

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